How To Help - Ideas & Suggestions


We can still receive packages!!

Amazon can have packages at our facility door within 2 days if you're a Prime Member! You can send unlimited amounts of snacks, crossword puzzles, movies, yarn or puzzles - whatever it is that they're into! The options are endless and you don't even have to leave your computer!


Gift Cards

Since your loved one can't leave the facility to go to the bank to cash checks for personal spending right now, please send gift cards so that there is no delay in purchasing personal items for your loved one. Don't worry - we will keep all receipts in the administrative office for your records.


Get Back To Basics

You might not believe it, but one of the brightest parts of their day is when the mail is delivered. Receiving a letter or a card never fails to bring a smile to their face - trust us on this! Give them something to look forward to! A letter, a card or a new magazine subscription will not disappoint!